Our Natural Rubber Work Overshoes Stretch Easily Over The Bulkiest Of Workshoes. 

With its reinforced heel and toe, our work overshoes are designed to stand up to tough daily wear.

That's why they are considered the industry standard.

• Injection molded, seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection.

• Excellent tensile strength, ease of stretch and tear resistance for more durability, better comfort, and easier on and off.

• Will not crack or stiffen in the coldest of weather.

• Deep cleated outsole spits out debris for good slip resistance and longer wear.

• Heavy duty heel kick-off cleat for easy no hands removal.

• Sturdy molded in rubber button on 10" boot style, for secure closure.  No hardware to conduct, tear, or snag.

• No lining for easy cleaning and decontamination.

• More material in heel, toe, and sole for longer wear.

• Less material in the upper results in ligh
ter weight and reduced leg fatigue.







Cleated Outsole spits out debris for good slip resistance.  



Ideal Applications: Food Processing, Transportation, Utilities, Construction, General Industry, Municipalities, and Agriculture.

Chemical Resistance: Acids, alcohols, bases, and diluted water solutions of most chemicals that are water soluble. Not recommended for constant contact with petroleum and oil based products.





                                       Sizing Guidelines by Shoe Style                     Download PDF Sell Sheet